The gallery offers a preview of a large selection of works grouped according to chronological chapters spanning from 1955 - 2007. As the legacy in its entirety numbers thousands of works, for the purpose of your research you are welcome to apply for a PDF of the catalogue featuring information on all of the catalogued works so far.
Note: The presentation of Richard Hirschbaeck’s archive on this site is ongoing. Further works will be added through regular updates.

The seventies represent a period where figuration in the painting of Richard Hirschbäck is ‘abstracted’ but form still preserved. In terms of form, everything is possible. This is a period where also extraordinary pieces that represent dream-like surrealistic landscapes come in. Thematically, the artist here can be seen as playing with archetypal forms and almost challenges the observer to go into his or her own subconscious and dares to examine themselves. From the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties, he was more outward than ever and was joining various artistic groups and attending a number of symposia.